Monday, January 29, 2007

Monday Morning Update

After the training disaster that was last week the past three days have been awesome. Friday was swimming with Boris. We focused on technique, technique and more technique. My breathing wasn't great but that probably had to do with the fact I was sick all week. The main takeaway from the lesson: 1) hand placement on entering the water; 2) ending my stroke pushing off to the side; and 3) hand placement during recovery. I honestly think that I could keep perfecting my stroke for the rest of my life. There is so much to work on.

Saturday. I went with Hallie to try on bridesmaid dresses. Why do I mention this on the training blog? Two reasons: 1) my upper body looks freaking awesome in strapless dresses and 2) since the dress is strapless I really have to be careful with the racerback swim tan this summer. After walking all over the city I hit the gym kind of late. Cranked out three miles on the treadmill at about 9:20 per mile which is pretty fast for me. I know I shouldn't be pushing that hard but I was feeling good. After that did strength training with Alex.

Sunday. Hit the treadmill cause I am a wuss when it comes to the cold. Ran 5.2 miles in about 50 minutes which is good. Once again I downloaded some TV onto the iPod (in this case CSI) to make it a little more bearable. Did a really long stretch on that weird spider stretching this while reading the Post (can I do anything without some form of media???) and some guy stood over me waiting for me to finish. I paid no attention and he left.

So this morning I put all of the above into my training log and there was a nice surprise for me: coach mikael has given me the day off? I seriously don't know what I am going to do with myself. Part of me wants to bike just cause I haven't in o long but I know I should just take the day and be happy with that.

In other news, last week I singed up for the Philly Triathlon as a warm-up for NY. I am only going to do the sprint version. The distance seems easy but I just want some practice being in a race environment. Plus it will be so nice to get a cheese steak when I am done.

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