Wednesday, February 21, 2007

What’s With the Attitude?

Last night I had my usual Tuesday workout: 3 Miles on the treadmill and an hour of strength training. The combo used to be dreadful but now I am used to it (so much for that as training peaks is showing I need to run five miles next week instead of three). On the way home from the gym I stopped to pick up some diner for me and the running coach. Behind me in the sandwich line was one of the New York Triathlon Teams I have heard so much about and not because of their welcoming attitude. They were all dressed in matching outfits: tights and jackets that were covered in logos from their sponsors. It was seriously out of Dodgeball. Cool, I thought, I will totally talk to them about triathlon.

Me: So you guys are part of a triathlon team?
Them: Yes
Me: That’s great. I am signed up for the New York City Triathlon. I am so excited.
Them: Are you on a team?
Me: I train with Cadence Multisport.
Them: Never heard of it.
Me: So what race are you training for?
Them: We are all doing Lake Placid.
Me: Wow, that’s great.
Them: New York’s a nice little race, you will enjoy it.
Me: Does your team have a website? I would love to look it up.
Them: Yes.
Me: What is it?
Them: I don’t know.

Arighty then. I thought triathlon-ers are all supposed to be friendly. I guess not. Maybe they were just really hungry and tired. It must take a lot of effort to be that coordinated.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

California Here I Come

The weekend was a disaster since I was sick again. You know what I hate? People who tell me I was sick cause I train too hard. That's total crap. I got sick cause I was hanging out with the sick running coach. I tried to swim on Saturday but it was pathetic. I maybe put in twenty minutes. On Sunday I don't think I left my apartment.

Finally on Monday I was back to my old ways logging in a 60 minute bike ride while listening to an old podcast from Zen and the Art of Triathlon. Tuesday did running and weights. Last night the running coach and I had a date. Tonight I am so hoping to make the 6:30 spin class at the gym. I have been lugging my spinning stuff around for two days in anticipation. Tomorrow, to the pool and then flying to California for the weekend.

I am so excited to go running in Los Angeles. I don't have to put on five layers to go outside. I can wear shorts and only one t-shirt, not four layers. I hope things clear up in NYC while I am gone because my bike has been totally neglected.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Not Again

I am sick again. I was just sick a couple of weeks ago and was finally back in the training groove. Now I have caught the running coach's nasty head cold. All I can taste is that "sick" taste (I know - nice thought). Ugh! And I just got my new bike....and I wanted to swim tomorrow. This does not fit in well with my plans. However, what does make me feel slightly better: on a ton of the blogs I read (shout of for the tri-blogger alliance) people are complaining about being sick and how it is totally messing up there schedules.

Monday, February 5, 2007

Ice, Ice Baby

Yes, I know that is the lamest subject for a blog post but it is oh so very fitting. This weekend I did my first New York Road Runners’ Race: The Gridiron Classic 4M. I wasn’t worried about the distance at all as running coach and I have run it a few times and I have only been getting stronger since my last run outdoors. What I did not count on: the bitter, bitter cold. As I was leaving my building wearing my number one of my neighbors asked, “you are actually going to run that? I signed up for that but there is no way I am going. It’s freezing outside…you must be crazy.”

I dragged my crazy self across the park to the starting area along with probably 2,000 other crazies. On the walk over it didn’t really seem that cold. However, as I stood there for fifteen minutes waiting for the race to start it dawned on me. It is freaking (not quite the word I used) cold outside. It was maybe ten degrees. It was so cold I wanted to cry but didn’t for fear it would freeze. The race finally starts and I run for my life because I want to go home and put on as many clothes as possible. I am feeling good and at about halfway through mile 1 and 2 there is a water station. I pick up a cup only to find that the water had frozen SOLID. Yes, it was that cold. I ran the four miles in 36 minutes – which is exactly what I was hoping for and was very proud of this former Cali girl for braving some brutal weather.

Welcome Special

I don’t know what it is about training that brings out the 10-year old in me. Could it be all the toys (esp. the pull buoy)? Maybe the sheer joy I get from completing a simple task like a great run. Actually, I think it’s the toys. This weekend I finally bought my bike. I knew I wanted it as soon as I took it for a spin at Toga bikes. However, running coach convinced me to try and find a better deal online or through ebay and I couldn’t. I really don’ know why I waited so long to buy it (cough-cost).

On Saturday while running coach was passed out on the couch (it’s not his fault he was super sick) I made the trek over to Toga. The place was packed with people waiting to be rung up so I just sat by my bike with a stupid grin on my face. I didn’t care that it was backed up and I would have to wait. I was just so happy to buy my bike. Mike (who was awesome) finally freed up and before he could put away the receipt from his last sale I basically jumped out and down pointing to my bike while screaming “I wanna buy it.” Mike helped me pick out a whole bunch of extras including some bike pants which I wore home (like when you were a kid and wore the shoes home from the shoe store). Riding the bike home was a little tricky as I was trying to hold all the new gear on wrist while navigating the New York City streets. Put the bike away in my building’s bike room. Running Coach came down and we both looked at it for a while. I love it. Can’t wait to ride it again. It’s name for now is “Special.” That's short for the Specialized Dolce Elite.

Friday, February 2, 2007

Tri-Blogger Alliance

Last night was Matt’s (aka my running coach) birthday. To celebrate we went for a huge steak dinner that he would describe as “delosia.” Yes, it was very, very good. Also, with all the training I do I need some serious protein, right?

Enough about dinner. On the way home in the cab I was talking about some body strain and Matt mentions that I should do pilates. My response: “please, like all I need is another coach.” Matt and I always joke about how I have all of these “coaches.” He’s right, I do. There’s Mikael, my triathlon coach at Cadence. There’s Boris, the swim master (but in my defense I only work with Boris on rare occasions to perfect my stroke). Let’s not forget Alex, who has been helping me with weight training since I was a pathetic weakling recovering from two nasty back surgeries. Then the discussion switched to how Matt thinks I am starting to prep for my big race a little early. Ok side note – Matt is nothing if not totally supportive of me and my training. He joins me for runs, never complains when my “one hour I promise” workout at the gym comes in closer to two hours, and has even offered to make a fun weekend out of the Philly Tri.

Here’s the point of the post. My response to Matt and his gripes about training: “you don’t know this but there is a whole world of people out there who think what I am doing is so completely normal….and you know where they live…online.” Yes, the tri-blogging community has been a great source for a newbie like me. It provides me inspiration, motivation, tips and just flat out good reading when I am really bored and surfing the net. I was thrilled this morning when I got an email from the Iron Kahuna informing me that he had granted my request to add me to the Tri-Blogger Alliance. Then, I was even more excited when I noticed that he had given me a shout out on his blog. Also, if you haven't been listening to his podcasts you should - cause they are most excellent.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Dodge Bike

Yesterday was biking day. Still on the stationary bike. Yes, my bike is coming and I will soon move to the trainer. My niece and nephew know I am training for a big race and when I come over after work I need to train. However, they still want me to play with them. Last night while I was on the bike my nephew was hanging out next to me building a pillow fort. However, that soon got boring and he decided it would be much more fun to throw the pillows at me and try and knock me off the bike. I would get mad but he's so freaking cute I just can't.