Monday, February 5, 2007

Ice, Ice Baby

Yes, I know that is the lamest subject for a blog post but it is oh so very fitting. This weekend I did my first New York Road Runners’ Race: The Gridiron Classic 4M. I wasn’t worried about the distance at all as running coach and I have run it a few times and I have only been getting stronger since my last run outdoors. What I did not count on: the bitter, bitter cold. As I was leaving my building wearing my number one of my neighbors asked, “you are actually going to run that? I signed up for that but there is no way I am going. It’s freezing outside…you must be crazy.”

I dragged my crazy self across the park to the starting area along with probably 2,000 other crazies. On the walk over it didn’t really seem that cold. However, as I stood there for fifteen minutes waiting for the race to start it dawned on me. It is freaking (not quite the word I used) cold outside. It was maybe ten degrees. It was so cold I wanted to cry but didn’t for fear it would freeze. The race finally starts and I run for my life because I want to go home and put on as many clothes as possible. I am feeling good and at about halfway through mile 1 and 2 there is a water station. I pick up a cup only to find that the water had frozen SOLID. Yes, it was that cold. I ran the four miles in 36 minutes – which is exactly what I was hoping for and was very proud of this former Cali girl for braving some brutal weather.

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