Thursday, June 7, 2007

Just an Over-reaction?

I know it has been a really long while since I have posted. Basically I have been taking it easy the last couple of weeks. I have been biking and swimming but I am trying not to overdo those activates to compensate for the lack of running. The lat thing I need is another injury.

Got to love the fact that I have a world famous surgeon at my disposal (aka Dad). When my Dad got back from vacation he carefully looked at my MRI. In his opinion, I don’t have a stress fracture, just a “stress reaction.” Apparently, that’s not as bad as a fracture. He then threw out some medical terms I didn’t understand about things like edema…whatever that is. My Dad is pretty strict when it comes to his athletes and he thinks my current plan of starting to run in a few weeks is completely within reason. Yes, the marathon is a no go but it look like I will compete in the NYC-tri this summer. That is such a relief.

In other news I entered the lottery for the Nike half-marathon in August. I also entered Running Coach without his knowledge. I thought it would be a great way to get him back in shape (so hope he doesn’t read this). Well, wouldn’t you know it…he got in and I didn’t! He isn’t even a RoadRunners member. Not fair. But it’s prob. for the best. If I got in I would have stubbornly done it.

Last week my niece and I were swimming in the pool. Actually I was doing laps and she was perfecting her underwater gymnastic routine. Not sure how we got on the topic but I told her that I hurt my leg to which she replied, “but you did all that training…that sucks.” Yes, Grace it does…