Thursday, February 15, 2007

California Here I Come

The weekend was a disaster since I was sick again. You know what I hate? People who tell me I was sick cause I train too hard. That's total crap. I got sick cause I was hanging out with the sick running coach. I tried to swim on Saturday but it was pathetic. I maybe put in twenty minutes. On Sunday I don't think I left my apartment.

Finally on Monday I was back to my old ways logging in a 60 minute bike ride while listening to an old podcast from Zen and the Art of Triathlon. Tuesday did running and weights. Last night the running coach and I had a date. Tonight I am so hoping to make the 6:30 spin class at the gym. I have been lugging my spinning stuff around for two days in anticipation. Tomorrow, to the pool and then flying to California for the weekend.

I am so excited to go running in Los Angeles. I don't have to put on five layers to go outside. I can wear shorts and only one t-shirt, not four layers. I hope things clear up in NYC while I am gone because my bike has been totally neglected.

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