Monday, April 16, 2007

Taking It Up a Notch

Friday was my first swim since I came back from Kona and I decided to be a good girl. I printed out all the drills that were listed in training peaks and put them in a plastic sleeve (I have seen other at the pool do this so I am not THAT big of a dork). I planned to finish it top to bottom which I rarely do. As soon as I hit the water I could already tell that I was so much faster and all the open water swimming I did in Kona made a huge difference. I finished every drill and yard requirement listed and in less than an hour. It was an awesome workout. Oh, how little things can make you happy.

For those of you that care:

Warm-up/drills: 600yds
Kick (w/ kick bd): 300yds
Main: 5x 100yards (w/ 30sec rest bwtn),
4x 50yards near race pc (w/20sec rest)
300yards easy with hand paddles
Cool-dn: 300yds

Saturday was not as stellar as I had to cut my bike ride short since my sister needed a last minute babysitter. I probably only got in an hour and a half and since I broke my Suunto watch I have no idea how far/fast I went. I really need that thing back fast! It dies on my last run in Kona – but hey, it least it bonked before I did.

Sunday it was pouring. However, I was prepared. I brought my ugly purple Asics bag to the Running Coach’s dojo with everything necessary for my brick workout. I managed to get out the door at 8:30 (a miracle since we were out late). I scored the second to last spot in the double spin class (which filled up 45 minutes before class even started!). Powered through the class then stayed after to basically kill my legs. Then I waited for everyone to leave the room and then I sprinted out holding my running shoes. I had a slight altercation with a spin bike (and now a cut and large bruise) but was able to put my shoes on with ease. While I was doing this some annoying guy who was in the class was mocking me telling me to hurry to the treadmill. I smiled cause I didn’t want to waste my much needed energy being mean. Despite staying late in the spinning room I did not suffer from “bike legs.” I know I pushed myself…could it be that I am just more used to it?

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