Monday, April 23, 2007

Q: Why Did the Cookie Go to the Doctor?

A: Cause he felt crumby.

That’s just how I feel right now. That joke is courtesy of my nephew Alex. He told that joke and some others that either a) don’t make sense or b) should not be repeated; this past weekend in Florida. My siblings and I all headed down to Florida for my mom’s birthday. I made sure to get in an extra spin class at the gym Friday morning before I left because I would miss out on precious weekend bike time. However, after that my training basically fell off a cliff.

You know when you are on an airplane and you just know you are getting sick? Yep, I had that feeling. And I was right. I caught some icky cold. On top of that my left shin started bothering me. Now I know why people complain about shin splints. They suck and now I’ve got ‘em. I am not a happy camper.

But I am trying to be positive. Yesterday I walked (gently) over to Super Runners with my $165 Asic Gel Kinsei’s. “I hate these!” The saleswoman watched me walk and she immediately agreed the shoes were all wrong for me. “Those shoes provide only cushioning, no support, and you over-pronate. No wonder you are in pain.” $165 down the drain (times two as I rotated pairs). But the good news is the new shoes she set me up with are $95. Running or otherwise, $95 for shoes that make me happy….it’s a good thing.

Now I just need to get rid of this cold. I am actually kind of glad I got sick when I need to take a load off my legs because it has really forced me to rest. I plan to be back on track by Thursday. I probably could manage Wednesday but I have a very important carbo-loading session at Babbo.


SkiRough said...

So what kind of new shoes did you end up using?

$165 is freaking a LOT especially when you are turning them over every two or so months. My Brooks Trance are $130 a pop... and I cringe every time I know I will be needing a new pair!

Josh said...

MMmmmmm Babbo

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