Monday, April 30, 2007

I Finally Beat Running Coach

I have been trying to get Matt (aka Running Coach) to join me at a RoadRunner’s event. After many unsuccessful attempts I finally got him out there. It only took four months!

The race was only four miles. The last time we ran five miles together running coach smoked me at the end but not this time. For the first mile running coach pushed a little too hard and I was doing my best to keep up (and not ask him to slow down). At about mile 2 I was losing him so I just kept going. At about mile 2.5 he caught up to me, his face completely red. Shortly, thereafter he said he needed to walk. So I finished the last mile or so alone. I ran it in 34 minutes flat or an 8:30 mile – that’s a new personal best for that distance. Running Coach took another few minutes to finish the race. I just hope he wants a rematch as it was fun to run a race with him there.

Got a question for all my loyal readers. Seems as though I can’t quite seem to shake this shin-splint on my left leg. Anyone have any tips? I am going to try substituting my run workouts with some extra spin classes/ swim session for now. Also, I have to give running coach a chance to work on his running.

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Wrenching Winz said...

Thats how you do it!