Monday, March 19, 2007

Yeah, I Know It’s Been a While

I am sorry about my lack of posting. I bet my three loyal readers are up every night wondering about how my training is going. When I last posted I was gearing up for a super-training weekend and I did not disappoint. With running coach away skiing and almost breaking a rib I had time to concentrate on training and lots of “The Hills,” “Gilmore Girls,” and “Anthony Bourdain” nuggets saved on my DVR and yes, lots and lots of training. How’s that for one disaster of a sentence?

Friday I met with Boris for a swim tune-up which was very much needed. I feel like an actual swimmer when we work together…then I feel like I pile of mush when I drag my sorry butt home. Saturday I was a biking madwoman. First I biked to Toga and got there right when it opened…which was a good thing because all the “Team in Training” mentors decided to bring their mentees there. A side note, Team in Training is awesome and I would have done it for the NYC Tri but it didn’t fit in with my schedule. I really hope to join it and train for the NYC Marathon. I finally got real biking shoes for my bike. For now I am using mountain bike cleats because I am a clumsy fool who can barely walk without doing damage to myself. Let’s not even talk about how I walked into a table at Barney’s last week….yep, I still have the bruise from that one. Eventually I will upgrade to look cleats. Baby steps, Baby steps.

Armed with my super cleats I set out for an hour and a half ride in the park and what do you know…the cleats made me super fast. No more grannies on schwinns passing me by! Locked up the bike at home (how I love living half a block from the park) and then jogged across the park to Road Runners to pick up my race crap.

Sunday was the Colon Cancer Challenge. I ran the 15k which is 9.3 miles for those of you that don’t know. I ran it in about 1:30. I was very pleased with that….and also very sore the next day.
Last week my training left much to be desired. Between numerous client dinners, a colleague in from London and a massive snow storm I left maybe one or two workouts out. But not much I could do about it. I am looking forward to an awesome week of training culminating in the More Half-Marathon on Sunday. Deathwish meet Stacey, Stacey meet Deathwish…you two are going to become very good friends.

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Benson said...

Glad you're back. Looks like you hardly need a coach. YOU ARE ONE TOUGH WOMAN. Good on ya for sticking to the swim stuff inspite of dancing-shower-cap-faries crowding you out. The biking sounds GREAT. Good jog on your race. Keep it up.