Monday, March 26, 2007

No ‘More’ For Me – How I Finally Listened to My Body

The last time I posted I was all nervous/excited/scared for the “More Half-Marathon” which I had just signed up for last minute. I knew the distance would be tough but doable. The longest I have ever run was a little over nine miles for the Colon Cancer Challenge. I felt good during that race and was very happy with my time. Also, with NYC marathon dreams dancing in my head I thought this would be great training.

I recently picked up “4 Months to a Four Hour Marathon” at the local library and poured through it in one day. I liked it so much that I got my own copy from amazon the next day. What really resonated with me was how critical it was to rest before a race and rest in general. That is something I have not been doing. I have not taken a real “day off” in weeks opting instead to hit the pool for a short workout or a jog in the park. Big mistake. Also, the few days before the race I was running myself ragged. Staying out late, running all over the city, not taking a much needed nap.

At about 5am the morning of the half marathon my body woke me up. My left knee which flares up every now and gain was sore when I laid on my side. I then had an internal fight with my body. One part of me was saying: Five minutes into the race it will totally ease up. Come on, you can do this. Pain is for sissies. The other part was saying: Is this race worth potentially messing up all of your training? Is this worth missing your training vacation in Kona? For the first time I listened to the “right” side and turned the alarm off and went back to bed. I knew I had made the right decision but it was tearing me up inside. I missed a race! I love races. I am not a quitter. I just have to keep telling myself it was the right decision. Important lesson learned.

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SkiRough said...

Sometimes it takes more courage to walk away. Good job knowing to listen to your body.