Tuesday, March 6, 2007

The Running Coach Will Go Down!

A popular character on this blog has been Matt, aka Running Coach. Running Coach works very, very hard and because of that (and a love of the cleverly named cuisine of “carnival food”) he does not get out all that often to enjoy a good run. This past weekend I nearly killed Running Coach. On Saturday after I had already biked for an hour and spent another hour at the gym lifting with Alex I convinced Running Coach to go biking with me. We made it one loop around Central Park and then Running Coach started to complain. We went back home and ordered wings while UCLA’s pathetic performance against the Huskies nearly killed me.

After a fun night drinking I was dealt the dubious task of getting Running Coach out of bed to go well running. It was a miracle that I got him out of the apartment. We made a deal that if he beat me in his still inebriated state I would: 1) have to buy breakfast; and 2) give him a back massage. I have been running a lot lately and thought I had a decent shot. All during the run I kept up pretty well. Let me just say that few months ago I could have never kept up with Running Coach, even if he was running while drinking a beer. We started on the bottom loop and Running Coach was the one this time asking for breaks. With about a quarter mile left to go we threw down the gauntlet…this would determine the winner. I thought I had a pretty good shot. After about 20 yards I pulled to an early lead and then we hit the hill, the last painful 20 yards to the run. I tried to draft him and fake complained that I couldn’t do it all while plotting my move. Little did I know that Running Coach was totally onto me. When he got about 6 feet ahead I dropped the bomb and came out of nowhere. But unfortunately my best was not good enough as Running Coach beat me by just a few feet. He may have won the race but I killed him for the rest of the day.

*The picture above is not of us….I just liked it.

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SkiRough said...

Ha! I actually have drank a beer while running- the San Fran marathon, mile 14. They were handing them out with a sign that said, "next beer 12.2 miles!" I couldn't pass it up.