Thursday, March 8, 2007

80 Laps in 50 minutes

With Running Coach out of town this weekend I decided that it would be great to catch up with my swim coach for a lesson. Actually, my swim coach is a real coach. Boris is the real freaking deal. He is an accomplished triathlete as well as a former member of the Russian swim team. I cannot even begin to explain how lucky I am to get time with Boris and how much he has improved my stroke. Unfortunately, I have only been hitting the pool about once a week. That’s unacceptable for Boris. He thinks on my day off I should be hitting the pool. In anticipation for my lesson tomorrow I decided to forgo the Wednesday bike session (actually will do it on my day off, today) and hit the pool. Also, you can’t swim on Tuesdays/Thursdays at Reebok. That’s when the jazzercise/fatty/water aerobics class takes place…don’t even get me started. Let me just say this: if you are wearing a shower cap how can it be considered exercise?When I got to the pool last night it wasn’t that crowded. I was able to get the single private lane and for some reason no one kicked me out even though I was way over the 30 minute time limit. I started off with 250 yards free swim. Took a minute break then another 250 yards. Then I did 250 yards of drills (catch up, pull buoy, kickboard). The last 250 was a full on sprint. I was so tired I couldn’t even walk straight. I headed over to running coach’s apartment and we picked up some Chipotle for dinner. I took it down like I had never seen food before and like Chipotle is actually good.

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Josh said...

Hi - I found your blog thru TriGeekDreams... I'm a fellow New Yorker and am training for my first Tri as well.

Your comments about eating post swim are right on! I've never been so hungry as I've been since begining tri-training.

Good Luck!