Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Foot Repair

I have never been a runner despite the fact that a bunch of siblings run. I really only started running a few months ago by following the Self Magazine program to get me to run for 30 minutes straight (and Matt's urging that we run together). But now I am running three miles a clip and a long run on Sundays. However, my feet are now paying the price. Right now they are all bandaged up from blisters. Does this make me a real runner?


mark.j.menapace said...

I'm not sure about the blisters. But waking up at 5:10AM to write about running? That makes you a real runner in my book.

Mo said...

Menapacer's reasoning is flawed because, by his rationale, writing about the Real World Las Vegas would be tantamount to being on the Real World Las Vegas. (Et tu, Trashelle?) But I feel confident in saying that you ARE a runner, Stace. Know why? Because you run.