Thursday, May 10, 2007

Special Likes to Travel

I have a weird habit of naming everything. In high school I named my car Dave to piss of my best friend who was dumped by a guy named Dave. Well, the name stuck and to this day some of my high school friends still bring up Dave. I even wrote to him on my senior page in the yearbook. And there is also running coach, aka Matt.

My bike’s name is Special because I just couldn’t think of anything better. See Special is Specialized. Clever, huh? Also, Special is white with purple accents (yuck), making her a little precious - hence the name. Now that I am a Biker Chick in training the demands on Special have increased. This past weekend Special went on the subway twice! I know I hate when people bring their bikes on the subway but it was late on a Saturday night (over to Running Coach’s apt) and Sunday midday (after the bike tour). This week Special also made her first trip out to Greenwich, CT where I work. I loaded Special into the back of my car and somehow managed to break off my antenna (real nice). I don’t think Special liked the drive or the car too much (she’s used to the posh bike room off Central Park West) but she did like the roads in Greenwich. Lots of stretches of flats and some hills. Plus, the roads are really well-paved. So get used to it Special, you are going to commute from now on.

And if this post hasn’t confirmed I have totally lost my mind I don’t know what will…


SkiRough said...

"Special is white with purple accents" why don't you go put some pink and silver streamers on her and a unicorn sticker and you'll be all set ;)

heehee... who am i to talk! My freaking Orbea is pink and baby blue!

Wrenching Winz said...

Hmm purple and white......Sounds like a jelly bean, or a bird egg. Am I allowed to make short bus jokes?