Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Biker Chick

According to my personal Orthopedic surgeon, my Dad (his specialty is actually sports medicine, how convenient, right?); I won’t be running for at least a month. But I have been given the green light to swim and bike. I am trying to be as positive as I can be. Yes, I am super bummed I can’t run but truth be told biking is definitely my weakest sport. My focus for the next month is just to get really good on the bike. My coach Mikael also changed my entire schedule in TrainingPeaks…basically it’s filled with swim, bike and swim/bike brick combos for the next month. So I can stay on track even though I can’t run.

That also means no NY RoadRunners races which is a bummer because 1): I have already paid for a bunch; and 2) I love them. Hey if anyone out there wants to run the next few RoadRunners races using my chip/bib number free of charge and take the t-shirt be my guest (yes, that’s probably totally against NYRR rules). My goal is still to complete nine races to qualify for the 2008 marathon (I have already done six races). I am glad started so early because I still have many races left in the year to complete that goal.

Back to my new goal. I am going to bike like crazy. I want to give a shout out to my new tri-friend Elisa. Elisa was nice enough to include me in her group for the 5 Borough bike tour. I also have to thank her father for wearing an awesome bumble-bee like biking outfit which made it super easy for the group to stay together. Like me Elisa shares: 1) a newfound and completely surprising love of training and 2) a secret suspicion that a certain red clad tri-club are really scientologists.

Now I just need to find long training rides in the New York City area. SkiRough posted that she is doing the Ride to Montauk which I am now seriously considering (running coach also mentioned he might be interested. This weekend I also plan on making my first ever attempt to bike cross the GW bridge (does anyone have any good info or tips on this??). I am also going to try and check out some of the NYCC rides.


Wrenching Winz said...

one of us, one of us. Embrace the dark side of cycling. Muh hahahahaha

Hope you foot gets better.

SkiRough said...

Yay, GWB. I'll go with you sometime too over it. It's going to freak you out a little bit. NORTH side is open, which means hauling your bike up and down stairs.

Just, hold on to the hand rails and follow everyone else. It took me about three trips to get used to it and not be scared, but I have really big cleats on my clip ins. Let us know how it goes!